A little sol

A little sol

Little Sol is about simplicity. Simple creations connecting you to the simple things of life. Simple words, illustrations, characters and magical places that bring a little sun and soul.

Little Sol Diary

  • Annabel Came In The Rain

    On Wednesday it poured with rain. Here in Andalusian there isn’t much rain but when it rains ..it tends to RAIN. It started during the night and lasted most of the day. The change was refreshing. In one of the rain gaps I hurried out with Coco, not sure when the rain would start again. […]

  • The Story of Little Miss Coco

      2017 for me is the year of Coco. Non dog lovers won’t get it. “It” being the desire to make a big deal out of a dog but I know dog lovers will totally get it. For this little dog is now my constant companion and such a complete source of love and affection. […]

  • Instagram Project, Quiet Spaces

    Autumn is a time of change. A time of adjustment, getting used to the changes in light and a time for creating a new rhythm. Often it is a time for having quiet space. Once again I have gone through some changes. I have a new house .. a whole big house and not just […]