Hi my name’s Claire and I’m a little soul living in the sol (sun) in the south of Spain. I’m a self taught illustrator and print-maker and Little Sol Designs is my exploration into my creative world.

I love to lie under a tree and let the dapples of light take me to another place. The little shards of light bring alive the imagination whilst connecting to nature … the beauty of the simplicity … simply lying under a tree. This is the ethos behind Little Sol.

Little Sol is about simplicity. Simple creations connecting you to the simple things of life. Simple words, illustrations, characters and magical places that bring a little sun and soul.

Any questions or queries, please contact littlesoldesigns@gmail.com or @naturallyclaire


In The Beginning …..

It began January 2014 in Seoul. An amazing city full of creative potential. I was working in South Korea as an English teacher but to be honest, I hated it. Not the country but my school and not the kids but the terrible teaching methods and resources my boss insisted I use. I needed relief. During this January trip to Seoul, I met Leah who would happily go to a bar or cafe with her sketchbook. On another journey I had come to realize having a creative element in my life was not only important but essential. This discovery was on my recovery journey from CFS and during my downtime in Korea, I was reading, writing and taking myself off on my much loved camera walks but what Leah was doing intrigued me. Before heading down to my city, Suncheon, in the south I took myself to Kyobo Book Store (Seoul’s largest book store and a delight to wander around) and I bought myself a special notebook and sharp pencil. On the train I stared at the white paper, scared of it, wondering what to do with my pencil but I started. I doodled and the next day I did more. I was still unsure and uncertain of the white space but I continued and then began to upload my pictures for Ernie’s Diary.

Fast forward to March 2016 and the beginnings of Little Sol Designs. I’m in Tarifa, Spain and my general travels and creative journey are still continuing as I pursue skills in illustration and printmaking.

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