Annabel Came In The Rain

On Wednesday it poured with rain. Here in Andalusian there isn’t much rain but when it rains tends to RAIN. It started during the night and lasted most of the day. The change was refreshing. In one of the rain gaps I hurried out with Coco, not sure when the rain would start again. The hills were misty and cloudy and the ground was lapping up the water having been left dry after the long summer. Even without the sun, this place is beautiful to me.

Inside, my internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t teach therefore I was left with a whole day to doodle and draw and that’s when Annabel appeared. First I began to paint the ghostly trees, in my head I was considering a ghost story but the figure of a girl appeared. I like her. She’s a quiet girl but this doesn’t mean she sits at home all day knitting. She’s a girl with an independent, adventurous spirit and think she’ll be happy to share her experiences.

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