In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, being in a quiet space is something that can actually be a little bit scary. Silence, the absence of people, not being attached to a phone can create a sense of fear or uncertainty or a heightened sense of loneliness.

……but there can be so much to be gained from stopping the noise and venturing out into the world alone.

For me a quiet space in nature is a space that I associate with freedom and adventure. It’s an expansive space where I can just be.

In a world of hyper connection, where social media now rules, connecting with ourselves in a nurturing way is crucial and nurturing quiet moments can help in this process.

I am incredibly lucky to life in an area of amazing beauty and I don’t have to go far to experience a nurturing quiet moment but I would like to know more about you and how you generate your quiet space, especially if you live in a city…. drinking a cozy cup of tea perhaps??

I would love it if you tagged me in your Instagram quiet moment and each week I’ll share your quiet spaces.

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