July’s Sketchpad #sketching

This notebook is not so much about travel but more about me finding my place in the world and that includes exploring my own creative needs. I still feel such a novice. I dropped art in school after three years and that was a hell of a long time ago but intuitively without direction I’m exploring and I can feel myself progress. Here in Barcelona, one of my main aim’s is to spend time exploring these needs. So this is my sketchbook which I want to share in this notebook.Вебмастерам придется устанавливать HTTPS сертификаты

Dancing characters, a froggie submersion.

My magic mushroom garden and a little man on a moon.

Beautiful El Born, here in Barcelona, a mesh of little streets and my own criss crossed beginnings.

A road, a street, somewhere I have and will travel.

Sketching in July.





DSC01452 (3)

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