The Story of Little Miss Coco


2017 for me is the year of Coco. Non dog lovers won’t get it. “It” being the desire to make a big deal out of a dog but I know dog lovers will totally get it. For this little dog is now my constant companion and such a complete source of love and affection. In fact she’s ridiculously affectionate and if people carried as much love inside them as she does, then the world would be a better place.

I don’t Coco’s full story. I only know it from March 2017. She was found, luckily by a dog lover, alone and obviously sick in the countryside outside of Tarifa. She was taken to the vets on the same day as I visited the vets with my little puppy that very sadly died. That is a different story. The next day Coco came trotting home with me.

She was so afraid of everything. On the first night, I tried to watch a film and the noise was clearly upsetting her. Cooking, making coffee, listening to music …any sound scared her.  I think she had never been inside a house before. I gave her a toy. There was no reaction to it whatsoever but her cute little head did like to be stroked.

Each day I took her to the vets for treatment and very quickly she became stronger. I remember clearly one day as we set off on the little walk, she looked up and smiled. Really, it was clearly a doggie smile. We went to the beach and the first time I let her off the lead, she went bananas, running around in circles. This was definitely my dog.

On the day she got her microchip and passport which legally bound her to me, she first played with a toy. For me another sign, that this was “my” dog.

Now, she still can be timid. Loud noises can make her cower down and she hates the rain and sometimes still I have to persuade her to come inside as if she remembers a house as being a no go place. She puts on her pensive face, her amazing long lashes flicker so I know underneath are eyes are changing their gaze.

She loves to say hello to people on the beach, she loves to steal socks and I love that as I write she is lying under my table and in the mornings she grunts like a little pig, so happy to say hello, my Little Miss Coco.

Little Miss Coco

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