Wasting Time

I do not need to tell you anything about the problem of wasting away hundreds of hours trawling the internet for nothing. Yesterday wasn’t going great, my energy was low and I needed some low energy distraction. For some reason I stumbled onto Pinterest after a long period of forgotten absence. Luckily, a little message came whispering into my brain, a piece of advice I got on a Skillshare tutorial. During a video instructing on how to draw animals, the tutor advised to make a collection of nose, ears and eyes. This is what artists do … we borrow … as also advised by, Austin Kleon in Steal Like An Artist.

Anyway, back to yesterday, I begin looking at Pinterest pictures of trees to make my own study of trees. So a potential down day got turned into a relaxing but productive sketching session and all inspired by Skillshare. Hours on the interet can turn into research 🙂

Also, to get that full tree experience, I included listening to Pulp’s, The Trees 😆





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