Instagram Project, Quiet Spaces

Autumn is a time of change. A time of adjustment, getting used to the changes in light and a time for creating a new rhythm. Often it is a time for having quiet space.

Once again I have gone through some changes. I have a new house .. a whole big house and not just a studio. For the first time in 6 months I have lots of space both inside and out. I have the luxury of having a roof terrace and a garden and I really do appreciate it. However, I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much if I hadn’t of lived in my small space. I will be in this house for the winter and spring but with it I have made a compromise, for it is a quiet space.

My new place is a little more in the country. It is by no means isolated but I cannot simply walk to the shops anymore or pop to a friend’s house. Now with the dark evenings, things do seem more quiet. However with quiet can come peace. If you let it.

In nature, the magic happens in quiet places. It is when you are alone with the trees and the birds, that other animals may appear or in the peace your eye sees things that it may not have noticed otherwise and for someone who wants to be an artist, this is priceless.

So my new rhythm for winter is to experience more fully these quiet spaces. To observe, appreciate and connect and of course with that comes a new project. A simple Instagram project using my own name for a change …… Quiet Spaces


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